Security Grilles Make Your London Property Safer

Doors that are fit for their purpose and professionally installed locks will go a long way towards keeping your property secure. When you're looking to take the next step, security grilles at your London property are a very sensible option. 24x7 Locksmith Services offers a specialist service for anyone looking to add an extra level of crime prevention to their home or business.

Competent and Honest Security Screen Specialists

Every 24x7 Locksmith Services technician has been through extensive checks, including reference vetting, personal interview and DBS checks. The tradesmen who complete grille fitting are also experienced in working with a range of units and are competent to advise on or install grilles and shields.

Deciding What Sort of Security Screens You Need

Get quotes for fitting only when you know exactly what you're looking for, or request a site survey when you need professional advice. The security screen expert we send to you in London will help you decide which of the following will most benefit you:

Burglar bars - Installed on windows to prevent them from being used as entry points. Bars can be fitted as permanent features, or designed so that you can remove them if you don't want them in place all the time.

Security grilles - Can be fitted externally or internally. Opening options include side folding, upward rolling or retractable. Your grille could be designed to look strictly functional or also ornamental.

Door reinforcement - London bars fit over the strike panel, increasing the strength of its attachment to the frame. Birmingham bars are used to reinforce the hinge side of inward opening doors

Specialist screens - Blast or ballistic protection may be required for the very highest security doors. Equally you may need a screen which also protects against UV light penetration, or conversely, want to reduce the chances of a break-in but still maximise the light that enters through a door or window.

Book Installation or Request Maintenance and Repair of Security Grilles in London

  • Whatever service you need, use our 24/7 central support line to get in touch
  • Request an immediate quote for repairs or maintenance
  • When the work is urgent ask for the soonest possible appointment
  • Advice and consultation services are available seven days a week
  • All products supplied confirm to relevant British Standards
  • Parts and fitting services are both covered by a comprehensive guarantee

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