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How Getting Access Control in London Can Help You

When large numbers of people need to use a single entry point into a building or move around within it in a controllable manner, you need an access control system in your London property. The dedicated specialists from 24x7 Locksmith Services will be happy to advise on new installations or to do any repair or maintenance work required on your existing system.

Vetted Engineers for Your Multi-Person Security System

Access control engineers from 24x7 Locksmith Services are subject to all the usual background checks. They're also selected for their expertise in this security feature, so they're fully competent to advise on, install and maintain anything from the most simple to the most complex of systems.

Finding the Right Access System for Your Property

When you need urgent repairs to your London installation, an access control technician will be dispatched to your property the moment you've signalled that you're happy with your quote. When it comes to new systems, book a no-obligation consultation if you'd like to discuss the benefits of:

Door entry systems - The simplest of access options. The door is operated remotely by someone within the building. Door entry systems can be combined with audio or video options

Mechanical code locks - A simple digital panel where the person seeking entry punches in a code. Mechanical systems are extremely reliable and don't need connecting to a power source. They can, however, be somewhat limited in use, as all users have the same code

Electronic access control - Electronic systems offer maximum flexibility. Different users can choose their own pass codes, the locking system could be time sensitive and in the event of you needing to deny access to someone who was once allowed in, it's easy to update settings. Electronic systems need an independent power supply so that they work during power cuts.

Biometric and other options - Fingerprint locks, locks that are linked to fire alarms and other features are also available. Basically, say what you need and your technician will select a system that delivers it.

How to Get Access Control Services in London

  • Call us 24/7 - you'll get straight though to a well-informed customer service adviser
  • Request a quote for emergency repairs, agree on the price, and your engineer should arrive within the hour
  • Set up a consultation for discussion or book a planned installation any day of the week

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